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Ludovic-Trarieux International-Human Rights Prize 2019

Prix International des Droits de l'Homme Ludovic-Trarieux 2019

Premio Internacional de Derechos Humanos Ludovic Trarieux 2019

Premio Internazionale per i Diritti Umani Ludovic Trarieux 2019

Internationalen Ludovic-Trarieux-Menschenrechtspreis 2019

Prêmio Internacional de Direitos Humanos Ludovic Trarieux 2019

Ludovic Trarieux Internationale Mensenrechtenprijs 2019


Depuis/Since/Desde/Dal/Sinds 1984


“The tribute by lawyers to a lawyer”

“L’hommage des avocats à un avocat ”

“El homenaje de abogados a un abogado

 “L'omaggio degli avvocati ad un avvocato”

“Die Hommage von Anwälten zu einem Anwalt”

« De award gegeven door advocaten aan een advocaat »


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"The International tribute from Lawyers to a Lawyer"





The XXIVth International Human Rights Prize "Ludovic-Trarieux" 2019

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« Ludovic-Trarieux" Prize 2019 »





The XXIVth International Human Rights Prize "Ludovic-Trarieux" 2019 was awarded on May 27, 2019, at the Palace of Justice in BRUSSELS to the Colombian lawyer Rommel Durán Castellanos, 33, president of the Equipo Juridico Pueblos (EJP), in addition to being a volunteer of the Committee for Solidarity with Political Prisoners (CSPP), in Bucaramanga, in the department of Caesar.

The Jury composed of 28 European Jury members, representing the Bars of Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Bordeaux, Brussels, Cracow, Geneva, Luxembourg, Paris, Rome, Bologna, Venice etc. said that over the past two decades, Rommel Durán has courageously farming communities who are claiming the restitution of their lands and victims of such crimes as enforced disappearance, torture and extrajudicial executions, perpetrated by paramilitary groups.


The Jury said :”Rommel Durán himself also faces very serious threats to his life due to his work as a lawyer and is subject to harassment, including to a campaign of threats, attacks and stigmatization because of his work. He been shot at by armed men during an incident in December 2013 while attempting to verify the state of the community’s crops.”


The Tribute of the world's lawyers to the winner of the 2019 Prize is to take place on 8 November 2019 in LUXEMBOURG on the occasion of the 63rd Congress of the International Union of Lawyers (UIA).


Since 1984, the "International Human Rights Prize Ludovic -Trarieux” is awarded to " a lawyer, regardless of nationality or Bar, who thoroughout his career has illustrated, by his activity or his suffering, the defence of human rights, the promotion of defence rights, the supremacy of law, and the struggle against racism and intolerance in any form ".

Since 2003, the Prize is awarded every year in partnership by the Human Rights Institute of The Bar of Bordeaux, the Human Rights Institute of the Bar of Paris, the Human Rights Institute of The Bar of Brussels, l'Unione forense per la tutela dei diritti dell'uomo (Roma), Rechtsanwaltskammer Berlin, the Bar of Luxemburg, the Bar of Geneva, the Bar of Amsterdam as well as the Union Internationale des Avocats (UIA), and the European Bar Human Rights Institute (IDHAE) whose members are the biggest european law societies fighting for human rights. It is presented every year in a city that is home to one of the member Institutes.

It is the oldest and most prestigious award given to a lawyer in the world, commemorating the memory of the French lawyer, Ludovic Trarieux (1840-1904), who in the midst of the Dreyfus Affair, in France, in 1898, founded the " League for the Defence of Human Rights and the Citizen ", because, he said: " It was not only the single cause of a man which was to be defended, but behind this cause, law, justice, humanity ".

The first Prize was awarded on March 29th, 1985 to Nelson Mandela then in jail. It was officially presented to his daughter, Zenani Mandela Dlamini, on April 27th 1985, in front of forty presidents of Bars and Law Societies from Europe and Africa. It was the first award given to Mandela in France and the first around the world given by lawyers. On February 11th 1990, Nelson Mandela was released. Since then, it was decided that the Prize would be awarded again.

The 23rd Prize was awarded in 2019 to the Iranian lawyer Nasrin SOTOUDEH sentenced to 38 years in prison and 148 lashes.

The following is the list of prize winners :

1985: Nelson MANDELA (South Africa)

1992: Augusto ZÚÑIGA PAZ (Peru) †

1994: Jadranka CIGELJ (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

1996 Nejib HOSNI (Tunisia) and Dalila MEZIANE (Algeria).

1998 ZHOU Guoqiang (China)

2000 Esber YAGMURDERELI (Turkey)

2002 Mehrangiz KAR (Iran)

2003 Digna OCHOA and Bárbara ZAMORA (Mexico)

2004: Akhtam NAISSE (Syria)

2005: Henri BURIN DES ROZIERS (Brazil)

2006: Parvez IMROZ (India)

2007 : René GÓMEZ MANZANO (Cuba)

2008 : U AYE MYINT (Burma)

2009 : Beatrice MTETWA (Zimbabwe)

2010 : Karinna MOSKALENKO (Russia)

2011 : Fethi TERBIL (Libya)

2012 : Muharrem ERBEY (Turkey)

2013 : Vadim KURAMSHIN (Kazakhstan)

2014 : Mahienour el-MASSRY (Egypt)

2015 : Waleed Abu al-KHAIR (Saudi Arabia)

2016: WANG Yu (China)-Rejected

2017 : Mohammed al-ROKEN (United Arab Emirates)

2018 : Nasrin SOTOUDEH (Iran)





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